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Welcome to the Amphis Software community forums
219 175 Construction Industry Scheme ...
by amphis
CRM Newsletters
Amphis Software CRM Newsletter information
2 2 Sign up for free CRM Newslett...
by amphis
CRM Software Reviews
these are independent reviews of our software
1 1 Software Review by SmallbizCR...
by tom
Roadmap - features we are adding next
here we announce the features we are working on
7 2 web access to customer data
by tom
Roadmap (features already added)
this is for the features that were part of the roadmap and have now been added
233 66 Search Custom Fields
by amphis
How to post a message
how to post a message
1 1 how to post a message (you do...
by amphis
Affiliate Information
information and discussions about becoming an affiliate and earning commission on sales
7 6 new small banners to add to y...
by amphis
Reseller Information
information and discussions about becoming a reseller of Amphis Software products
7 4 new 35% and 40% discounts ava...
by amphis
     Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback
feedback from our customers
51 48 This is a fantastic package
by Salix Tree & Garden Services
     Amphis Web Customer
Amphis Web Customer
discussions and information about Amphis Web Customer web contact management and CRM software
0 0 No posts
     Amphis Web Demo
Amphis Web Demo
discussions and information about the free web contact management demo software
2 1 screenshots
by amphis
     Amphis Customer - Support
Amphis Customer - Support Queries
please post any support questions here
631 279 report showing supplier invoi...
by ed
     Amphis Customer - Knowledge Base
general knowledge base articles
1 1 the feature you are trying to...
by ed
Installation and Setup
knowledge base articles about installation and setup of Amphis Customer CRM
5 3 Setting the currency
by ed
Move to New PC
knowledge base articles about moving Amphis Customer CRM Software to a new PC
1 1 how to move software to a new...
by ed
knowledge base articles about configuring Amphis Customer CRM Software
1 1 resetting Amphis Customer con...
by ed
Importing Data
knowledge base articles about importing data
5 4 new videos to help with Impor...
by amphis
knowledge base articles about templates
8 5 Editing the default tables in...
by amphis
Microsoft Office Versions
knowledge base articles about using Amphis Customer CRM Software with Microsoft Office
3 1 using Amphis Customer with Mi...
by tom
knowledge base articles about Amphis Customer CRM Software Licensing
2 2 what happens if I buy a new P...
by ed
Access Database
knowledge base articles about the Amphis Customer Access Database
2 2 database problems
by amphis
SQL Server
knowledge base articles about using Amphis Customer CRM Software with SQL Server
7 6 SQL Server error creating rec...
by ed
Outlook CRM Integration
knowledge base articles about Outlook Integration with Amphis Customer CRM
1 1 CRM Outlook Integration
by amphis
Email Marketing and Email Templates
knowledge base articles about Email Marketing and setting up Email Templates
1 1 Email Marketing Step by Step
by amphis
Exporting Data
knowledge base articles about exporting data
2 2 commas in the data fields
by ed
Knowledge base articles about obtaining support for Amphis Customer CRM
5 2 cannot start amphis
by Unregistered
Problems Upgrading
knowledge base articles about problems upgrading your CRM Software
3 2 problems upgrading the softwa...
by ed
     Amphis Customer
most Frequently Asked Questions with answers
39 23 How can I access my data from...
by ed
CRM step by step
here we provide some step by step instructions for performing tasks
5 5 adding products for use in It...
by amphis
Amphis Customer
general discussions about Amphis Customer CRM software
80 39 CRM for multiple businesses ?
by amphis
Questions and answers about licensing
2 1 what if I get a new PC ?
by amphis
Import contacts from Spreadsheet
discussions about importing contacts from a spreadsheet
6 2 separator character issue whe...
by amphis
Import Products from spreadsheet
discussions about importing products for itemized quotes and invoices from a spreadsheet
4 2 commas aren't valid in the Im...
by amphis
Appointments and Tasks
discussions about Appointments and Tasks
4 2 Repeat Appointments
by amphis
Quotes and Invoices
discussions about quotes and invoices
46 19 removing column headers for i...
by ed
discussions on integrating VoIP, SIP Phones and Skype
5 1 VoIP SIP Phone Integration an...
by amphis
Sharing customer data between PCs
discussions about sharing customer data between PCs
16 9 resetting the CRM database co...
by amphis
Sales Taxes
discussions about handling sales taxes within Amphis Customer CRM Software
11 3 different sales taxes for dif...
by amphis
SMS text messaging
discussions about SMS text messaging
13 11 SMS Text Messaging Integratio...
by ed
Jobs and Job Sheets
discussions about Jobs and Job Sheets
3 1 can I show job fields on an i...
by amphis
Mail Merge
discussions about Mail Merge, Envelopes and Labels
1 1 Mail Merge video
by amphis
Purchase Orders
discussions about purchase orders
4 2 linking products to the suppl...
by amphis
Web access to customer data
discussions about web access to customer data
3 3 web access coming soon
by amphis
Document templates
discussion about editing quote templates, invoice templates, job sheet templates, letter templates etc and you can also post your templates
32 19 new templates available
by amphis
SQL Server
discussions on using SQL Server or SQL Server Express with Amphis Customer CRM
14 13 SQL Server Connection String ...
by ed
Custom Reports
discussion and examples of custom reports (for the default Access database)
36 20 how to learn how to create cu...
by amphis
Custom Reports Suggestions
this forum is for suggestions for custom reports you would like to have created
2 1 customers with contacts and e...
by ed
Custom reports - appointments
custom reports related to appointments
15 12 appointments assigned to a sp...
by ed
Custom reports - custom fields
custom reports related to custom fields
16 13 custom report , with notes a...
by amphis
Custom reports - credit notes
examples of custom reports for credit notes
3 3 credit notes created in a giv...
by ed
Custom reports - customers
custom reports related to customers
64 55 customers in a specific group...
by amphis
Custom reports - customer history
custom reports related to customer history
6 6 appointments within a specifi...
by ed
Custom reports - dates
discussions around using dates in custom reports
1 1 using dates in custom reports
by ed
Custom reports - expenses
custom reports related to expenses
3 2 all expenses for the current ...
by amphis
Custom reports - export data
custom reports related to exporting data
11 5 how can I export customer nam...
by ed
Custom reports - jobs
custom reports related to jobs
23 20 job control sheets created be...
by ed
Custom reports - purchase orders
discussions around custom reports for purchase orders
1 1 show all purchase orders
by ed
Custom reports - quotes and invoices
custom reports related to quotes and invoices
96 86 customers with bad debt
by ed
Custom reports - receipts
custom reports related to receipts
23 21 receipts for a given month an...
by ed
Custom reports - reminders
custom reports related to reminders
6 6 reminders for a specific sale...
by ed
Custom reports - salespersons
custom reports related to salespersons and commission
18 17 salesperson sales for a speci...
by ed
Custom reports - suppliers
custom reports related to suppliers
29 16 supplier invoices with taxes ...
by ed
Custom reports - tasks
custom reports related to tasks
11 11 overdue tasks
by ed
Custom Reports for SQL Server
this forum is for users who have upgraded their database to SQL Server and wish to run Custom Reports
7 5 change custom report to work ...
by ed
CRM Videos
short CRM videos explaining how to use CRM software
7 7 create quotes in 30 seconds (...
by amphis
CRM Developer / IT Support
discussions on IT / Developer Support for Amphis Customer CRM
2 1 script to delete customers
by amphis
Email Marketing
discussions around Email Marketing with Email templates
4 3 export to MailChimp
by ed
discussions about customer Emails, Email templates, sending invoices as PDF files etc
27 12 email invoice - how to change...
by amphis
Any problems and associated resolutions.
2 2 Any problems connecting to th...
by amphis
Upgrade Issues
Any problems with upgrading and associated resolutions.
12 4 pop-up message when creating ...
by amphis
Web site signup integration
discussions on integrating Amphis Customer with your web site signups
1 1 CreateUser email integration
by ed
Installation Problems
discuss any problems installing Amphis Customer
7 3 problem running software
by amphis
Feature Requests
feature requests for Amphis Customer
41 19 Product / Service Item cost a...
by amphis
     Amphis WebCRMView (free software for viewing CRM data in a browser)
Amphis WebCRMView
discussions about our Free Web CRM Software for viewing customer details in a browser
9 7 using Amphis WebCRMView with ...
by amphis
Feature Requests
Feature requests for Free Amphis Web CRM Viewer Software
2 2 customized to Standard Fields
by Unregistered
     Amphis BizMonitor
Amphis BizMonitor
general discussions about Amphis BizMonitor software
3 1 what is bizmonitor ?
by amphis
Feature Requests
feature requests for Amphis BizMonitor
0 0 No posts
     Amphis Time (free software for tracking the amount of time you spend on multiple tasks)
Amphis Time
general discussions about Amphis Time software
1 1 Amphis Time v1.3 (time tracki...
by amphis
Feature Requests
feature requests for Amphis Time
2 2 More information on Suppliers
by warren
     Amphis CompactRepairAccess (free software for compacting and repairing a Microsoft Access Database)
Amphis CompactRepairAccess
discussions about the free Amphis CompactRepairAccess utility
2 1 Compact and Repair a Microsof...
by amphis
Feature Requests
feature requests for Amphis CompactRepairAccess
0 0 No posts
     Small business discussions
General small business discussions
general discussions about small businesses
2 2 easily change your twitter ba...
by amphis
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
discussions about SEO
3 2 if you only do one thing...
by Skaatman
discussions about marketing
4 2 anyone used vistaprint ?
by jaro
PC Problems
discusions about any general PC problems and solutions
14 9 Unable to cast COM object of ...
by Unregistered

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